From the Idol Scribbler – July 2022

Hello Idollers everywhere! I can finally tell you why I have been away for a while, and why Idols Scribblings and Second Bestiary are going to be on a break for a while longer. The reason is very exciting. A couple of months ago, a local community organisation approached me and asked whether I would illustrate a project for them. It is going to be an educational children’s book. Since then, the last couple of months has been a whirlwind of creating characters, deciding on styles, producing test pages.

I had to keep absolutely quiet about this project until some funding was secured for the physical production of the book, and we knew it was definitely going to happen. I still can’t tell you much more about it! The book is going to be pretty much unique in the niche it will fill. As well as creating an educational resource, the organisation would like to raise money from the sale of the book to fund the education groups they run and hopefully produce more resources in future. They are worried about the concept being copied by a publisher. As we all also have full-time jobs, this is probably going to take us about a year to complete, so a publisher could easily beat us to produce a similar book first. Therefore, until we are almost ready to publish, I cannot say any more about the project. When we are ready, I will be shouting about this from the rooftops, but for now it is hush-hush, nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more. What I can do is show you a couple of the illustrations that I have done so far, which are too obscure to give anything away! (The book is not actually about birds).

I will be dropping in here every now and then to update the blog and let you folks know how things are progressing, and maybe share a few more teasers without giving anything away! Rest assured that, once the project is completed, the Gods and Goddesses will be back! Until then, there is an extensive back catalogue pf divine beings to browse through at . My normal stream of eccentric drivel will continue on Twitter, follow me @IdolScribblings if you don’t already. Oh, and if you like your deities printed and bound, I still have a few copies of both of my books left (not many now though), available exclusively at

Stay fabulous! See you all soon. With love from the Idol Scribbler.