The Pantheon (Find a Deity)

Æthel Onnit – God of Embarrassing Injuries
Afrodite – Goddess of Fabulous Hair
Amazonia – Goddess of Excessive Packaging
Amber – Goddess of Flood Warnings
Anachronistes – God of Historical Inaccuracy
Anaglypta and Artex – Gods of Failed DIY Projects
Apostrophilia – Goddess of Grammar Pedants
Arpeggios – God of Prog Rock
Arthur Thought – Holy Spirit of the Staircase
Atmos – God of Steam Enthusiasts
Aunt Agone – Goddess of Bad Advice

Banksia – Goddess of Modern Art
Barclay Spank – Goddess of Financial Dominatrices
Beelzebuble – God of Commercial Christmas Music
Beeros – God of Lowered Standards
Beroccas – God of Vitamins
Betty Swoobs – Goddess of Heatwaves
Bin Dei – God of Temporal Confusion
Brabantia – Goddess of Tidiness
Butterman – God of Superheros

Cancelle – Goddess of Public Transport
Candida – Goddess of Itchy Privates and Plain Speaking
Cannula – Goddess of Blood Donors
Chardonnay – Goddess of Awkward Work Socials
Chilly Sanders – God of the Nesh
Cholesterolia – Goddess of Fry Ups
Comedia Dell’Farte – Goddess of Pantomime

Dave – God of Perfect Mates
Dicenysis – God of Board Games
Dom Estos – God of Leaving the Toilet Clean and Useable
Dot Matris – Mother of Printers
Drax – God of Power Stations

Elvish – God of Tribute Acts
Eric – God of Pub Games
Eureka – Goddess of Inspiration
Euros – God of Money One Does Not Have

Flatula – Goddess of Girl Farts
Floella – Goddess of Children’s Television
Futon – God of Temporary Sleeping Arrangements

Ganache – God of Chocolate, Cream, Cakes and Words That Sound Rude but Aren’t.
Gardenia – Goddess of Lady Gardeners
Garnish – God of Superfluous Vegetables
Gelatine – Goddess of Wobbly Desserts
Ganache – God of Chocolate, Cream, Cakes and Words That Sound Rude but Aren’t.
Gardenia – Goddess of Lady Gardeners
Garnish – God of Superfluous Vegetables
Gelatine – Goddess of Wobbly Desserts
Glandula – Goddess of Electrical Connections
Gloop – Goddess of Questionable Beauty Products
Gorgonzola – Goddess of Cheese Dreams
Gourdius – God of Pumpkins
Glor-or-or-oror-oor-or-or-or-or-oror-ooor-or-or-or-oror-oria – Goddess of Over Achieving Carol Singers
Gorgonzola – Goddess of Cheese Dreams
Gourdius – God of Pumpkins
Grindr – God of Online Dating

Haemorrhoid – God of Sitting Down Very Gently
Hatt Mancock – God of Ministerial Affairs
Heinie – The Moon(ing) Goddess
Helen Harlotry – Goddess of Regency Romance
Hengehog – God of Archaeologists
Hernia – Goddess of Over Exertion
Hippopotholemess – The Pot Hole Dragon
Hog Man Nay – God of Safe New Year Celebrations
Hooteninny – God of “Business Meetings”
Houmous – God of Dips
Howzat – God of Cricket
Hughjanus – The “Do As I Say, Not What I Do” Demon.

Inspirouette – Goddess of Budding Ballerinas

Irs – Goddess of Tax Returns

Jolly Saint Prick – God of Vaccination
Justha Wan – God of Impromptu Drinking Sessions

Karenken – Blond Bobbed Abyssal Beast
Ku-Klux-Nan – Goddess of Racist Biddies

Latrine – Goddess of Music Festivals
Loadin’ Skypefather – God of Video Calls
Low Key – God of Bassists

Madhur – Goddess of the Great British Curry
Mana Mana – The Great Earwyrm
Mandle – God of Unnecessarily Gender Specified Products
Mascara – The Gothic Deity
Marticula – Goddess of Exam Results
Mindsetaur – God of Management Buzzwords
Miiiiiiiss – Goddess of Teachers

Nacreosa – Goddess of Pearl Clutchers

Octopussy – God of Nuclear Power
Ouboboross – God of Painting Joyfully
Oxymoron – God of Military Intelligence

Pathos – God of Internet Hugs
Patella – Goddess of Dodgy Knees
Peebee – God of Arbitrary Sporting Achievements
Percy – God of Landers, Rovers and Probes
Perineum – God of the Middle World
Phararoah – God of Petit Fours
Philtrim – God of Things That Are Right Under Your Nose
Piccaeolus – God of Flautists
Pondus Custoda – Goddess of Diet Clubs
Prometheus – God of Disappointing Sci-Fi
Purdah – Goddess of Not Being Able to Speak Your Mind
Pyromess and Frisbee – Gods of Property Boundaries

Quarantina – Goddess of Lockdowns
Quinoa – God of Faddy Diets

RaRaRa – God of Cheerleaders

Scrubbup – Goddess of Infection Control
Semolina – Goddess of School Dinners
Senna – Goddess of Regular Occurrences
Shiva-Me-Timbers – God of Nautical Cliches
Sithee – God of South Yorkshire
Sloth – God of Staying In
Soccerates – God of Football
Solobrate – Goddess of Lockdown Birthdays
Soz – Goddess of Insincere Apologies
Sue Doku – Goddess of Boring Journeys

Tantrump – God of Sore Losers
Teflonata – Goddess of Dangerous Ignorance
Tequila – Goddess of Regret
Termes – God of Back to School
Thaw – God of Broken Freezers
Thesaurus – God of Saying Things Another Way
Toby Ornottoby – God of Existential Questions
Trangia – Goddess of Outdoor Cookery
Twometer – Goddess of Social Distancing

Verruca – Goddess of Disinfectant Foot Baths

Wantoo – God of Sound Engineers
Wayheyup – God of the West Riding
Wella Didwarnya – Goddess of “I Told You So”
Werentmee – God of Denial
Wigan – God of Pi and Pie
Wing & Ding – Gods of Fonts
Wogana La La La Olé – Deity of Song Contests

Yabast – God of Giving Your Cat a Pill
Yahtzee – God of Rainy Caravan Holidays