The Hive Mind

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to
“The Idol Scribblings Hive Mind”.

The following people are (not necessarily evil) geniuses of great wit who have suggested Beasts, Gods, Goddesses and Gags. They have also given me unstinting support and encouragement.

Wendy Barrows, Dr. Pascal Harper, John Kennard, Carey Anne Boyce,
Ju Haynes, Adam Broadhust, Teresa Lee, Nigel Harper, Sarah Allison,
Ken Page, Janet Hudson, Jen Titley, Xander Kennard, Carrie-May Mealor,
Kris Hudson-Lee, Rebecca Stothard, Jerome Perks, Anthony Carroll,
James R Turner, Dr. Will Bayley, Jake Cosford, Adam Tomlinson,
Dr. Garth Wilden, Phil Hyde, Dave Redford, Steve Carthy, Alexandra Smith, Kumi Chavda, Ju Haynes, Heather Harper, Chris Wiley, Clare Griffin,
Stephen Jackson, Paul O’Neill, Barbara Chambers, Larry Brennan,
Carol Overrill, Naomi Louise Baker, Heather Faulkner, Kate Rennie,
Keith Scholfield, Claire Hanley-Öpik, Moira Varley, Maire McPoland,
Bryony Nightingale, Di Oxley-Wilden, Pete Bailey, Annie Hancock,
Josh Matkin, Philip G Lort, Dr. Amber Lee, Richard Jackson, Cis Heaviside, Charlotte Creasey, Ken Wiltshire, Mike Lee, Nicky Bailey, Alan Boyce, Kieron Phillips, Jozafeen Knights, Nick Ward, Richard Jackson, David JE Fuhr, Paul O’Neill, Rhiannon Williams, Liz Laycock, Robin Lawrence, @AHappyHiveling, @SmithRamparts, @High_Command, @ElectricBowman, Ben Tymens, Bill Johnston, Gary Brannan, Gaz Neal and Kay Barnes.