About Idol Scribblings

In May 2018 I challenged my wise cracking friends to play a silly word game where they had to make up names for ancient style gods for modern situations called “Create a Deity”. Some of the suggested gods and goddesses had very evocative names, and I began to doodle what they might look like and to come up with back stories for them.

For around 10 months I kept this within my circle of friends. After a lot of kind encouragement and a bit of prodding, I have taken the plunge with sharing them further. I hope you enjoy them.

In April 2020, whilst trying to entertain ourselves under the Covid-19 lock-down, we played another silly game. This time the aim was to change one letter in the name of an animal to make a new improbable beast. The idea for the game came from a typo on an old Science worksheet which said “Hengehog”. I immediately imagined a spiny creature that lived in stone circles and ate druids. Loads of fantastic suggestions for beasts were made on both Facebook and Twitter. So good that I had to start a new project, “Second Bestiary”.

My sincerest thanks to “The Idol Scribblings Hive Mind” who play these silly word games with me and send their suggestions and support, this really would not have happened without you.

I am open to further suggestions for deities and beasts. I cannot promise to do all suggestions by any means, but you never know if you have a go. Please use this suggestion form to send me your idea. Anyone whose idea gets drawn will be inducted into the hallowed ranks of the “Idol Scribblings Hive Mind”

All Gods and Goddesses shown on this site are fictional, and any resemblance to deities ancient or modern is purely coincidental. To anyone who may be about to take offence at any aspect of Idol Scribblings. Please remember that if any Gods or Goddesses are offended by this work, then they are quite capable of smiting me themselves. Any complaint on your part would be a superfluous effort. If I’m still here tomorrow, let us assume they are okay with it.

All images and content (c) Hannah Hudson-Lee