Merry Yuletide from The Idol Scribbler!

A cartoon drawing. An adult wren, dressed in a cloak and a crown and holding a bottle of wine, is walking across a moonlit, snowy landscape. He is followed by a wren chick wearing a medieval-Bohemian style cap. The wren chock is walking in the king wren's footprints. Image copyright H. Hudson-Lee 2022
Good King Wrenceslas ©H. Hudson-Lee 2022

It’s the festive season again. Boy that snuck up on us didn’t it! So I though it was high time to take a short break from scribbling the “top secret project” to wish you all a very merry midwinter celebration and a very happy new year.

Once again I was honoured to produce an image for the Christmas card that Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust sent to their members and supporters. This years image depicts Good King Wrenceslas is setting off though the moonlit snow with his fledgling page. I would like to thank my Mother in Law Janet for a suggestion which lead to me coming up with this image.

Times are tough right now, but if you are able to spare some support for an organisation which does so much to protect our wild spaces, then do consider joining or donating to your local Wildlife Trust. You can look up the trusts which covers your area here

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust ( maintain 15 nature reserves across South Yorkshire, whilst also offering fantastic education services and campaigning to protect the environment. In 2023 they are launching a project to help restore the population of Elm trees in the area in order to help the species that were dependent on them, such as the Hairstreak butterfly. Go to to find out how you can get involved. If you are interested in a little light reading, you may enjoy this article about illustrating wildlife that I wrote for their blog

Until 2023 my friends! I look forward to catching up with you all in the New Year.

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