About the Author

In keeping with the random and useless theme of Idol Scribblings, here are 11 random and useless facts about Hannah:

“ Her first published writing was a contribution to the Viz Profanisaurus, for which she was paid the princely sum of one Knackersack Pencil.

“ She has slept overnight in more castles than Most Haunted have run screaming out of, and once went down to the pub with the giant key to the castle gate hung from her belt.

“ She once lived in a tent for four months to get the chance to see a solar eclipse.

“ She toured the USA with a band at the age of 17 in a bus with rainbows, suns, moons, stars and flames painted on it.

“ She taught science to the children of South Yorkshire for 15 years and still lives. So do most of the children.

“ She was once featured in an article in Morris Minor Owner Magazine. The accompanying photograph showed her in fifteenth century battle dress with her sword and billhook strapped to the roof of her Black 1967 1000 Saloon (called Lydia).

“ She has eaten jellyfish. It tasted like fishy jelly.

“  She has written a protest song called “Pot Hole Tambourine”.

“ She was once on the news in the “and finally” section when the cameras caught a knight in a full suit of armour pinching her bum, and her slapping him and knocking him 10 feet backwards.

“ She had a cannon named after her.

“ She loves ornithology, but is not very good at carpentry. Aged 10, she made a nesting box that remained rejected by the birds for years. In the end her Grandpa put a little sign up on it that said “No Poll Tax”. Which answers your question of “Where does she get it from?”.

When not scribbling, Hannah is the lead singer and songwriter with Ethryll. She also works in fire prevention.