Second Bestiary

Have you ever wondered what happens if you change one letter in an animal’s name?
You get an entirely new species with interesting attributes!

Many of our curious creatures have been suggested by our readers. You can submit your ideas here.

From the Idol Scribbler – July 2022

Hello Idollers everywhere! I can finally tell you why I have been away for a while, and why Idols Scribblings and Second Bestiary are going to be on a break for a while longer. The reason is very exciting.

We Three Kingfishers

I would like to wish Idol Scribblings and Second Bestiary readers everywhere a wonderful Yuletide and very Happy New Year.

Yarn Owl

The Yarn Owl. A creature of the knit.

Update From the Idol Scribbler

Hello to my lovely readers and irreverent spiritual questers. As you know, several weeks ago, I let you all know that I was having an operation and would be away from cartooning for a little while. The operation went well, but during the proceedings they picked up on a secondary problem, which requires further surgery.…


The Camprey is a proud EelGBTQ+ water dweller. It strives for Eelquality.


The Ginnow is a fish out of tonic. This martini-tiny fish can be found living in the vermouths of rivers. The Ginnow is often confused with the Cocktail Stickleback.


The Darthworm was formerly known as Annelid Skywriggler. They are thought to be responsible for the existence of those pesky hyperspace wormholes. This species hibernates through the winter, re-emerging every spring on May the Fourth.


The Gimpala is a very kinky antelope. They make excellent pets.


The Deaver is a dramatic aquatic mammal that doesn’t give a dam what you think.

Giant Squib

The Giant Squib is an explosive cephalopod with tri nitro tentacles.


The Nobra is a snake that eschews lingerie. It is seen by some as their lockdown spirit animal, and by others as a femenissssssst icon. © H. Hudson-Lee 2021


The Pythin is a really narrow snake.

Show Leopard

“Teeth, tails and toes!” Show Leopard © H.Hudson-Lee 2021


This year I was honored to have the opportunity to produce the artwork for Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust’s Christmas card, and the Wraptor has carried warm Christmas wishes to all their members on its swift wings.

Wine Marten

The Wine Marten has a short nose, overtones of musk and a long finish.


The Muffin is a delicious sea bird. Available in blueberry, chocolate chip and sand eel.

Commissions and News Update

An update from Idol Scribblings with news of the upcoming Book 2, the schedule for the rest of 2020 and how you or a loved one can become an Idol Scribblings deity.


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