Idol Scribblings – Deities Ancient and Modern for All Occasions

Idol Scribblings is a collection of fictional deities for modern problems by Hannah Hudson-Lee a.k.a. “The Idol Scribbler”. Whether you need a supernatural guardian to pray to that your bus comes on time, or you wish there was a specific deity that watches over people with embarrassing injuries, our pantheon has a supreme being for you!

Irs – Goddess of Tax Returns

Irs the Goddess of Tax Returns was not born from a union of between Gods, Elementals or even Mortals, but of political expediency. Her religious philosophy became one of self-assessment and honest judgement of one’s own worth. This goddess doesn’t judge you. You judge yourself, and then she decides whether you did it right.

Inspirouette – Goddess of Budding Ballerinas

The vast majority of Inspirouette’s temples pop up once a week in village halls, community centres and all-purpose sports halls. The barre is the back of a chair, you have to be careful not to crash into the folded ping-pong table, and the changing room is a toilet. This may all be far cry from…

Comedia Dell’Farté

If you love pantomime, Comedia Dell’Farté will always be behind you in everything you do. Some heathens say, “Oh no she isn’t”. However, Boys and Girls, we all know, “OH YES SHE IS!”

Hooteninny – God of “Business Meetings”

It was during the 2020 pandemic that Hooteninny came into his own as a major deity, when the ranks of his cult were swelled by a flock of political aides who just wanna have fun. His is an easy religion to follow as you don’t need to overly concern yourself with following the rules and,…

Broomhilda – Goddess of Witchcraft

Broomhilda is the answer to the question, “Quis custodiet ipsos maleficis” or, “Who watches the witches?” She is the overseeing goddess of the craft itself. The sect of Broomhilda is known as the Office for Standards in Charms, Rites, Occultism, Necromancy and Enchantment or “OFCRONE”.

Update From the Idol Scribbler

Hello to my lovely readers and irreverent spiritual questers. As you know, several weeks ago, I let you all know that I was having an operation and would be away from cartooning for a little while. The operation went well, but during the proceedings they picked up on a secondary problem, which requires further surgery.…

Beeverley – Goddess of the East Riding

The way of Beeverley is a contemplative and reflective path. It’s follower’s practice the art of Venn Meditation, where they cogitate upon the question of whether they are in the East Riding, East Yorkshire or Humberside, and what the overlap between these might be. Despite years of deliberation, they are yet to reach a consensus…


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If you are trying to find a specific deity in a hurry, you can find them in alphabetical order here.

If you are in desperate need of a deity that doesn’t exist yet, you can make a suggestion here.

You can purchase a collection of 52 of the Idol Scribblings cartoons from 2018-2019 in “Idol Scribblings – The Book” available here. An excellent addition to any loobrary, bogliotheque or waterclosetstones.

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