Idol Scribblings – The Book

From the Idol Scribbler…

Mock up cover only. I am still working on the final version.

Hello Idollers everywhere!

So much is happening behind the scenes at Idol Scribblings, that it is high time to share a post to tell you all about it.

On 30th November Idol Scribblings – The Book will be officially launched. A collection of 52 deities, ancient and modern, for all occasions. You can pre-order your copy NOW! (More on that below).

I am frantically working on turning the Idol Scribblings pantheon into a beautiful tome for you all to enjoy. I’m tidying everything up, putting it in order and adding some finishing touches like the pictures you see here. My wonderful partner in crime Kris is lending me his typesetting and graphic design skills to help make it look perfect. He really is much better at that stuff than I am. There is so much I have to think about that I never realised until just now. I am having nightmares where I am chased by bar-codes, copyright notices, ISBNs and RRPs.

As if that wasn’t going to keep me busy enough, from 30th November until 14th December 2019 there will be an exhibition of Idol Scribblings artwork to accompany the book launch. This will be at the Coterie Gallery in Riverside Precinct, Rotherham. Come and see your favourite gods and goddesses up close, accompanied by humorous installations. I am putting a lot of thought into the staging to create a suitably mythical experience for visitors. You will get to find out why I keep seeing adverts for plastic bananas on Facebook lately.

You will be able to purchase the book, and order high quality framed and unframed art prints from the gallery in various sizes. There will be a launch event at the gallery on Saturday 30th November from 10am until 12 noon with mince pies and drinks, a chance to get your book signed and other strange rites.

The Coterie Gallery in Rotherham where the launch event will take place.

Anthony Carroll, who runs The Coterie Gallery has been immensely kind in giving me gallery space for this fortnight. The Coterie Gallery is a brilliant community arts oriented gallery which takes a chance on new artists like me. The gallery is always free to enter. It’s well worth keeping an eye on their Facebook page, as they have some fantastic exhibitions on from immensely talented people you may not have heard of before, as well as Anthony’s own beautiful work.

Pre Ordering

You can now pre-order the book by clicking here

Pre order before 20th October 2019 and get

  • Your name included in the list of thanks to Idol Scribblings supporters in the book
  • A VIP invitation to the launch event on Saturday 30th November 2019
  • Signing and personal message (on request)
  • An early bird discount of £2 per copy.
  • My undying gratitude for your help to make this book a reality.

If you want to order more than two copies for posting, or would like a copy posting outside of the UK please send me a message via the contact page here -> and I will get back to you with a quote for postage.

Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

You may also enjoy this little video about the birth of the Idol Scribblings project.

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