The Exhibition and Book Launch

Idol Scribblings the Book and Idol Scribblings the Exhibition were both launched on Saturday. The launch was a lot of fun, made so by all the fantastic people who turned out to get their hand on a copy and to enjoy the art and mince pies.

Here are some pictures and a video of the event to give you a taste of the exhibition.

Video by Josh Matkin of The Pickle Jar ( Twitter @ThePickleJar3 )

If you couldn’t make it down on Saturday, the exhibition is running until 14th December at The Coterie Gallery, Riverside Precinct, Rotherham.

You can order your copy of the book here

Special thanks to:

  • Anthony at Coterie Gallery for inviting me to launch my book here and put on the exhibition, and for all the art lessons along the way.
  • The fantastic Cos-players Sam and Wendy who brought Latrine Goddess of Music Festivals and Sithee God of South Yorkshire to life brilliantly.
  • Josh from The Pickle Jar for doing filming and editing the video of the event, and to everyone who agreed to be in the video.
  • Lana and Kris for taking photos (Lana’s photos to follow).
  • John Brailsford Printers in Parkgate, Rotherham for turning my Scribblings into a proper book so beautifully.
  • My wonderful friends who kept egging me on to do this and my fantastic family who have helped me through the stressy bits.
  • Everyone who came along to the launch event to help make it a wonderful day.

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