Taking a Short Break

My partner in crime Kris has pointed out to me that I have been banging out a cartoon pretty much every weekend for two years now (this started about 10 months before the blog did). Since I went into colour, the cartoons are taking a lot longer to do. They used to take me about 4-8 hours (all in) and now it can be as many as 15 hours. Kris timed me. I had no idea how long I was spending. I get VERY absorbed.

This is, in truth, a good thing. It’s because I am trying to keep improving my skills and make the artwork better and better. However, it is tipping my family-work-house-hobby balance out of whack. Especially as I am now partly back at work. Kris has pointed out to me that I am going to burn out if I don’t take five and make a plan. I also want a bit of time for another unrelated project that needs finishing. If this were a “proper job”, I’d have booked and taken some holidays in this time.

I have decided to have a full fortnight’s off and return freah as a daisy with a Yorkshire Day special at the start of August.

During that time, I am going to decide whether to go back to doing some of my cartoons in black and white, or whether to reduce my posting frequency slightly. Whichever will mean I can keep cartooning in a sustained way and keep my readers on board. I welcome your thoughts on this.

Please let me know if there are any favourite deities you would like to see a re-run of in these weeks.

Thank you for all your ongoing support for my idol scribblings. It would never have come this far, or even existed without you. You folks mean the world to me.

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