Idol Scribblings – Volume Two

Hello Idollers everywhere!
Idol Scribblings Volume Two is coming on November 30th 2020
and is now available to pre order!

More deities, ancient and modern for all occasions. Fifty three gods and goddesses to help you with almost any situation imaginable. Such as, Dicenysis the skeletal God of Boardgames who plays a very unusual version of Ker-Plunk with his ribcage, or Peebee the God of Arbitrary Sporting Achievements whose followers invented the term “to exercise religiously”.

Written and illustrated by Hannah Hudson-Lee with foreword by Gary Brannan of the Technical Difficulties

You can pre order before November 14th 2020 for the special early bird price of £11.99 including UK postage an packaging. Everyone pre-ordering before November 14th will have their name included in the book as a patron and supporter.

Order here at

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