An Unexpected Guest

Hello you bunch of beautiful reprobates. As I originally promised to be back with a new Idol Scribblings deity this week, and that is now not happening, I though I ought to tell you all why.

We had a lot of thunderstorms around our parts this week. During one of these storms we ended up with an extra cat. They came in through our cat flap to take shelter, and haven’t left since! Instead of drawing my cartoons I have been trying to track down his humans and acting as referee between him and out two existing cats. So far, to no avail. If we can’t find his humans, and he settles down a bit with our girls, he may well end up becoming a member of the family. He certainly seems to want to be with us. (In addition to this feline drama, work has been really busy this week as the UK prepares for the next stage of lockdown easing.)

Our Mystery Cat Visitor
Making himself at home until we can find his home.

Fear not! I will be back very soon with some fresh gods and goddesses to delight and entertain you. In the meantime, why not head over to to browse the 123 deities to date? Or even drop into my online shop at and get your own copies of the Idol Scribblings books.

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