Miiiiiiiss – Goddess of Teachers

Shortly after the dawn of time, the earliest two primordial deities were delivered of their first progeny. Being a divine child, it was a matter of minutes before the precocious babe opened it’s lips and asked it’s parents “Why?”. By the end of the day they had been asked this 3,045,867 times. In frustration these first parents took white chalk from the earth, formed it, and poured into it all the knowledge and withering sarcasm they could muster. Then finally they imbued it with a cursed immortal life. Her unique powers are being able to work for 80 hours a week whilst surviving on just coffee and biscuits, and the ability to freeze a miscreant 14 year old at 90 paces with the one word.

Miiiiiiis has three avatars, and sometimes appears as a three headed conjoined deity. She has a Head, a Deputy Head and an Assistant Head. The youngest of these is the comely “Miiiiiiiss Tottey”. She is the embodiment of enthusiasm and idealism, and the favourite of all the boys. She carries the torch of the sacred flame of education and always has traces of glitter somewhere on her. The eldest “Miiiiiiiss Didactia” has been thoroughly desiccated over said flame of education. She carries an expression like a gamma knife and a stick which (you hope) she only uses to point things out on the board. This avatar is a guardian of “the old ways” of golden silence and copying it out again neatly. In the middle there is “Miss Miss Miss Miiiiiiiss” who watches over those with additional responsibility with a kindly professional eye.

Miiiiiiiss does not live on Olympus, Asgard or any of the usual homes of the gods. She is believed to live in a store cupboard in her temple from 3.30pm to 8.30am. For one month a year, in summer, Miiiiiiiss vanishes from this realm entirely. No one knows where she goes. On the rare occasions that she appears to the faithful outside of her temple, they will be overcome with a feeling of excruciating awkwardness and not know what to say to her.

The Temple of Miiiiiiiss is a large institution which smells faintly of fried spam. Be warned, mobile phones are banned here, and if you chew gum be sure to bring enough for everyone. There is a large, ornate clock hanging in each room. Around the bezel of each clock the words “Time shall pass, but will you?” are engraved. One should never actually gaze directly at the face of the Clock of Miiiiiiiss, it is there for her not for you. The Primary Temple of Miiiiiiiss houses a wise Oracle. An offering of chocolate for the staff room is required in order to ask them a question. Then one must raise one’s hand and wait patiently. Unlike every other oracle ever, the Oracle of Miiiiiiiss will ensure you fully and clearly understand their answer. They may even draw diagrams.

Miiiiiiiss is omnipresent and watches the actions of her faithful with interest. The faith of Miiiiiiiss is one of the few that rigorously still records attendance, and may fine a recalcitrant worshipper for their unauthorised absence. If you are using graph paper, the goddess will keep an especially close watch over you. Just in case you are plotting something. It is said that Miiiiiiiss is almost all powerful. She was once, however, overcome by the miasma of 15 teenage boys who had been playing football on a hot day, got rained on and then applied 15 cans of Lynx Africa. Fortunately she was revived by Matronia Goddess of School Nurses with an ice pack.

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