Senna – Goddess of Regular Occurrences

Consistency is the watchword of this goddess. Her followers will visit her temple daily without fail, sometimes more often.

Her temple is divided into individual stalls or “Meditation Pods” where worshippers will cogitate in companionable solitude. Each pod is equipped with it’s own throne of contemplation, sacred scroll and library of faith reading such as “Oh Wally, Where Art Thou?” and “The Garfield Philosophy”. Her sacred scrolls are soft, strong and very, very long (and perforated).

The rows of Meditation Pods open out onto a space equipped with basins for ritual cleansing. Unlike other faiths where one ablutes before attending a shrine, worshippers of Senna will wash as they leave.

If you are in need and wrestling to achieve the desired ruminative state, the priests or priestess will give you a chalice of sanctified prune juice, to ease the passing of your spiritual suffering.

Her temple is gloriously decorated by the art, verse and musings of thousands of pilgrims. Such as the famous lines:

“There I sat, broken hearted,
I’d paid a penny and only farted,
My tightened lips in prayer a-quivered,
and Praise be to Senna! I was delivered.”

Thank you to Carrie-May Mealor for suggesting Senna.

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