Ku-Klux-Nan – Goddess of Racist Biddies

Ku-Klux-Nan is a truly ancient goddess. She’s 5987 you know, and she can remember a time before we had any of this nonsense. Much of what we know of the origin of this goddess come down to us through the surviving writings of the 4th BCE writer Xenophobe. In the days when there was but one pantheon known in the world, Ku-Klux-Nan was the Goddess of Quiet Lives. The first time she encountered a deity from another land, she was overcome by fear and jealousy. “How dare they come over here stealing our worshippers!”. This vitriol was so powerful that it warped her very form into that of a wizened hag with a mouth like a cat’s arse. It is said by some that she was rendered so hideous that she henceforth covered her fearsome visage with a white hood. Others say that she is wearing it because she just had a wash and set done and it’s drizzling. Ku-Klux-Nan has numerous Children and Grandchildren. They are all hideously embarrassed by her when she gets on about politics.

The religion of Ku-Klux-Nan, presided over by High Priestess Hatie Cockpins, is an isolationist one. They associate very rarely with those outside the faith, and then only for the purposes of trade. A highly judgemental sect, their disapproval is usually expressed through glares, snide comments, boycotting, marching and funding right wing politics. Occasionally they are driven to smite people with a flaming, rolled up copy of the Daily Fail. The clergy live on a strict diet of gammon and each other’s opinions. Followers of Ku-Klux-Nan believe that when the righteous die, they will go to a Utopian afterlife, which is just like what England wasn’t really like in the 1950s (See: Isle of White).

Surprisingly, amongst Ku-Klux-Nan’s followers you will sometimes find elderly members of the long-standing immigrant community. They are there to complain about the latest lot to arrive and how they are ruining everything. They may even win the grudging acceptance of the other church members, provided they can whip up a satisfactory Victoria Sponge for the Garden Fete and don’t have too strong an accent. Having them around proves that the other members of the faith are not racist but…

The Temple of Ku-Klux-Nan is essentially massive echo chamber. Amongst other things it houses a protest placard production workshop, but not a single dictionary. It can be found nestled in England’s green and pleasant land for 8 months of the year. Every November the Temple fully relocates to Benidorm for 4 months. They go well prepared with proper British provisions so that no foreign muck has to be consumed, and a proper cup of tea is assured. Whilst there they will entertain themselves by continually complaining about the locals. Every March they migrate back to the UK in a ritual pilgrimage known as “Taking Our Country Back”. (Outside observers often comment that it was a bit daft for them to leave it lying around unattended in the first place.)

(Shout out to Sarah Shepton, from whom I have shamelessly borrowed the “Hatie Cockpins” shtick.)

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