Madhur – Goddess of the Great British Curry

Gentle Goddess of British Curries, Writers, Travellers and Actresses, Madhur is a Jack of all trades and a Master of Naan.

She originated when the people of 20th century Britain realised that their food was monotonous bland crap and they desperately needed “Some of that foreign muck” to stave off the culinary ennui. Madhur was their saviour from the east, from the silver screen to the soup tureen. Now she is truly taken into their hearts.

You will almost certainly be first drawn to Madhur’s temple (or Dawat) by the delicious cooking aromas. Any visitor knocking at her temple door is warmly invited to cumin. (You may want to wear an extra layer of clove-ing, it can be a little chilli inside.) It is traditional for visitors to her temple to leave an offering of Biryani, known as the “Sacrifrice”.

Madhur is served by both priests and priestesses, known as “Madhur’s Dhalings”. The priesthood usually live in the temple where they each have a madras to sleep on with a pilau to rest their head. Priests traditionally wear tiny tight swimming trunks beneath their vestments, known as “Bhaji Smugglers”. This is why they always sit down gingerly. When the High Priestess is feeling a little down, the other priestesses will play some of the music of Karnataka to pep her up.

This is a religion characterised by a positive attitude to life amongst its devotees. In fact, they see positivity the ghee to success. They also believe in the balance of energy in the universe, or “Korma”. Followers of Madhur will cheerfully greet each other with a warm “Aloo!”. When something needs doing, they do it raita way, it is frowned upon to just sit around on your anise. When under stress they do their best to keep calm and karahi on.

(All jokes and puns above are homage and intended indiabsolute nicest possible way.)

Thank you to Adam Broadhurst for suggesting Madhur.

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