From the Idol Scribbler – Meet the Hive Mind

Carrie-May Mealor

I first met Carrie-May in a muddy field some time in the later half of the fifteenth century. Well, not really, but we were doing a jolly good job of pretending. She is a woman of many passions and varied skills. She can serenade you on the cello, calligraphy a beautiful passive aggressive note to your neighbour, excavate the remains of your ancestors, massage your head or shoot you down like a mangy dog with a longbow with equal finesse. She is also a superb artist, you can check out her creative work at Closer to the Hedge.

Carrie-May suggested Senna – Goddess of Regular Occurrences and Wantoo – God of Sound Engineers.

If you were a deity, what would you be the god of?
God of Multiple Interests, Unfinished Projects and the Easily Distracted

What should your worshippers leave as an offering on your altar?
My worshippers should leave me half finished drawings and unused craft supplies. They might also play hymns on musical instruments they are not very good at.

What would your sacred animal be?
My sacred animal would be a magpie (make of that what you will!)

I challenge you to a duel! Choose your weapon!
My weapon of choice is a blunt craft knife and a badly played cello for ranged attacks.

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