Floella – Goddess of Children’s Television

The epitome of vivacity and grace, Floella imparts the gifts of laughter, imagination and wisdom to children and the eternally young at heart. She assisted in this by her friends; The Holy Humpty, Theodore Maximus, Theodore Minimus, Jemima the Ragged Angel and Katoo the Carnivorous Cockatoo. Her scriptures tell of their travails and triumphs in overcoming the evil infant-demon “Hamble the Terrifier”, who is eventually defeated by “Poppy the Less Scary”. With a knitting needle. Up the bum.

Here’s her temple, here’s the door. 1, 2, 3, 4. There’s a round window, a square window and an arched window*. Which window will we look through today?

Her temple opens every day at 11am for 23 minutes. Inside her temple her worshippers play dress up, sing, dance, hear stories, draw pictures with big fat crayons or run around and around going, “neenaw neenaw neenaw neenaw” whilst pretending to be a fire engine. There are many large empty cardboard boxes lying around. It is important to know that they are not cardboard boxes. They are castles, and spaceships, and racing cars and submarines, and houses, and bob sleighs. The walls are adorned with thousands of proudly hung children’s paintings of Floella and her friends (usually depicting her with six fingers, an ear on her forehead and LOTS of love.) The floor is adorned with glitter and cockatoo poo.

More recently she has ascended to overseeing the “Playschool of Lords”.

*More recently constructed temples also have a triangular window.

Thank you to Rebecca Stothard for suggesting Floella.

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