Thesaurus – God of Saying Things Another Way

A voluble, loquacious, articulate, effusive, garrulous, chatty, eloquent, gabby, verbose, vocal and multiloquent deity. Devotees of Thesaurus are never lost for words. Thesaurus used to be the lover of Apostrophe, the Goddess of Punctuation. However, this relationship ended when she became too possessive. In his mythos Thesaurus lives on Mount Weasel.

The cult of Thesaurus is very secretive. The first rule of the Order of Thesaurus is that you do not talk about, speak, mention, chat, discuss, shoot the breeze or chin-wag about the Order of Thesaurus. It is not known for sure who the current high priest of Thesaurus is, but rumour says it may be Susie Dent. The first High Priest in history was believed to be “Peter Roget”.  They are a very peaceful, non-violent sect. When confronted, they will always use their words.

In the temple, the priests break their fast at dawn every day with a Synonym Roll. They are delicious, just like grammar used to make. They then spend the day in the sombre study of lexicography. They have made many great advances in this field, including inventing the word “Plagiarism”. They also discovered that the ancient version of our alphabet originally only had 25 letters, but no one knew why. If you see a priest of Thesaurus, dancing and flailing wildly, go to his aid and help him shake out his robes. He probably has an antonym. (They really go for the synonym roll crumbs).

Thesaurus was later Christianised as St Poecilonym.

Thesaurus was suggested, proposed, advocated, offered and submitted by Ken Page.

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