Phararaoh Rocher – God of Petit Fours

Phararoah is the god of tiny confectioneries served after classy dinners. He was one of the rulers of the Rocher Dynasty. His tomb, a pyramid of golden balls, is an architectural marvel of the ancient world. After his death and apotheosis he became the ambassador of the gods. He is attended by a harem of affluent, elegant and accomplished goddesses to ensure he always comes in a posh box.

The Temple of Phararoah is located beyond the dessert. The temple itself is made of clear Perspex so that the sacred golden balls within can be seen from outside. Their “Hall of Petit Fours” is a place of wondermint. As you enter the temple, a sentient confectionery by the door will greet you and say something flattering. This surprising entity is known as the “Complimentary Chocolate”. Whilst usually benevolent, if incited he has been known to scream “Do you want a piece of me!” at the luckless fool who has upset him. Services rites and rituals in the temple of Phararoah are always held in the evening and begin after eight at twilight.

Surprisingly, a small shrine to Phararoah can be found in almost every petrol station and convenience store. These are provided for your convenience so that you can pray frantically for help in over 32,000 easily accessible locations when you realise you’ve forgotten Grandma’s birthday.

The priesthood of Phararoah dress in instantly recognisable, crinkly, golden, metallic robes. They wear brown pleated cup shaped shoes on their feet, and a small oval sticker on their heads. They are often comely, and are considered eye candy by some. The priests run a dating service for their followers. They are reputed to be excellent matchmakers. Their most recent success being the marriage between Elizabeth Shaw and Mr Bendick of Mayfair. The prospective groom will give the object of his affection a wafer thin chocolate mint in a tiny black paper envelope. If his suit is successful, she will return this envelope containing a secret note of her affection. The most renowned member of Phararoah’s priesthood from history was Mahatma Candhi, who was known for speaking powerfully and with confection.

Followers of Phararoah have their own lexicon. They will usually favourably describe things as “Mint” and one of their favourite sayings is “A waist is a terrible thing to mind”. If you have been a superlative host to your Phararoahian friend they will say “You are really spoiling us!”. 

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