Drax – God of Power Stations

Drax is a huge, grey and imposing deity from Yorkshire. His most striking feature is that his skin is laced with and intricate web of blue-black coal dust tattoos. He is said to be one of the most powerful and efficient of all the gods. You might pray to him for the energy to cook your lunch, or for light to see your way in the dark. Initially he was not a very benevolent deity, raining his corrosive emissions on the just and the unjust alike. Then it was discovered that he could be somewhat pacified if they gave him plenty of scrubbers to help keep his flue nice and clean.

Drax was one of the later born deities and there was much speculation amongst the other gods about his paternity. They were all talking about his generation. Drax often thought of his unknown father and cried out to the heavens “Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?”.

The church of Drax is divided into two sects who work cooperatively. The Sect of Generation work to gain power for the organisation and the Sect of Transmission evangelise and spread the word. There are six levels of the hierarchy in the clergy of Drax, a structure that was established in the early days by the Viscount Weir-Wolfe. There is a single supreme head of the church “The 400kV” who ultimately joins all Draxians together. (The current 400kV is Daniel Ratcliffe, who succeeded Richard West-Burton.) The next step down are the 275kV High Voltage Priests or “Pylones”. They each serve a wide area and support and supply the lower grid of 132kV Priests who are responsible for serving smaller regions.

The lowest and largest order of the church are the faithful mass of domestic subscribers known as the 230V. Should you get the calling to serve Drax you have to complete three phases of training* as an AC-olyte and achieve harmonisation to become an 410V priest. If you are a powerful preacher, you might be “transformed” to become one of the 11kV priests who preach on an industrial scale. Recently, the Church of Drax was shocked by a scandal, when it was discovered that the AC-olytes from the Washington DC branch had been performing unsanitary acts for low remuneration.

There were many temples of Drax, but their numbers have dwindled to just seven in the UK. The principle, and largest of these temples is a mighty citadel called Khuling Towers, located conveniently just off the M62. Should you visit the temple to ask for a blessing, one must bring a sacrifice to burn. Skinflints might bring a sack of cheap lignite, but they should beware. Drax is likely to be displeased with this offering and make acidic emissions to show his chagrin. Should you be asking for something big, it is advised to not stint and bring a bag of finest anthracite (please don’t bring any coke, we don’t want him to develop a habit). For most everyday sacrifices, Drax is said to be happy with a nice bit of nutty slack. There have been recent moves towards sacrificing vegetable rather than fossil based offerings at rituals. These “Bio Masses” are increasingly taking over from the more traditional votives. During the rites one can enjoy the sacred music of Drax, much of which is composed by Brian Ferrybridge.

Temples of Drax are often surrounded by acres of Under-Glass horticultural industry. They use the second hand heat from the temple to ensure bumper crops. This agricultural anomaly is known as “The Greenhouse Effect”.

Occasionally Drax may do battle with the raging winds of the Sun God. The light from these battles sometimes illuminates the northern skies. Whilst he is engaged in battle, Drax may temporarily withdraw his power from our world. When these outages occur, worshippers of Drax will spontaneously light candles and engage in the impromptu fertility ritual called “Wellwehaventgotanythingbettertodo”.

The Sun God’s main weapon against Drax is Hydro the Renewable Dragon. Simultaneously a Water, Earth, Fire, Air dragon, it has multiple heads to accommodate this. It is said that the heads will regenerate if severed, making Hydro pretty much invincible. However, Hydro is not always around when you need them. Followers of Drax pessimistically believe that their God will eventually be defeated by Hydro, as his power will eventually run out before that of the Sun God. The previously mentioned Bio Mass experiments are an attempt to circumvent this prophecy and ensure Drax is there for years to come.

*you can complete these in any rotation.

Thank you to Pascal Harper for suggesting Drax and to Kate Karnage and John Kennard for further character development.

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